Vintners Club 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, Pacific Restaurant, Pan Pacific Hotel, San Francisco

February 19, 2004

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Above Left: Alexandra Grover, Steven Grover and Vice-President Lalita Waterman
Above Right: Laura Gregory, President Rick Waterman and Stephen DeMoulin

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Above Left: Executive Chef Tom Donnelly shares a light moment with Ray and JoAnne Dunaway
Above Right: Past President Paul Rehs and Diana Whipple


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Above Left: Founding member Dick Lynn
Above Center: Mary Britton, Bente Tellestsen and Dr. Midori Aogaichi
Above Right: Director Joseph Jennaro and friends


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Above Right: President Rick Waterman welcomes members and guests

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Above Left: JoAnne and John Kaminski
Above Center: Member Dr. Rick Mamelok shares some memories
Above Right: Director Carolyn Poe brings members up-to-date on Outreach Program with graduate students

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Above Left: Founding member Frank Woods with Past President Paul Rehs
Above Center: Founding member Frank Woods and family
Above Right: Dr. Roger Smith and Laura Gregory

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Photographs Courtesy of our Member Jim Gregory