Tasting #1,449 - 2003 Vintage Port Declaration

November 8, 2005

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Above Left: Our member Cristiano van Zeller of Oporto, Portugal,
former General Manager and President of the Board of Governors of Quinta do Noval, and former President of the Board of Directors of the AEVP;
currently, General Manager of Jose Maria da Fonseca & van Zeller, Portugal.
Above Center: President Rick Waterman introduces Cristiano van Zeller, featured speaker.
Above Right: Our member George Sandeman of Oporto, Portugal, former Chairman of The House of Sandeman, and current President of the AEVP, Portugal.

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Above: Vice President, Lalita Waterman, invites Cristiano van Zeller to share his analyses of the wines and to answer members' questions.

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Adjourn for post-tasting, wine-pairing dinner.

Photos courtesy of Jim Gregory