Tasting #1,430 -Highly-Rated Vintage 1996 Cabernet-Based Wines from Bordeaux and California

April 20, 2004


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Above: Doug Shafer, President of Shafer Vineyards, and Paul Draper, CEO & Winemaker,  Ridge Vineyards


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Above Left:  Paul Draper, CEO & Winemaker of Ridge Vineyards, talks about terroir
Above Center: Tom Clark and Laurie Claudon of Clark-Claudon Vineyards

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Above Left: Peter Kasson tabulating results
Above Center: John Shafer of Shafer Vineyards and Michael Silacci, winemaker at Opus One confer with Vice President, Lalita Waterman
Above Right: President Rick Waterman welcomes members and guests

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Above Center: Winemaker Steven Grover of Vineyard 7&8 with Jerry Gallagher


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Above Left: Dr. Chris Taylor
Above Center: Paul Draper is honored by the Vintners Club
Above Right: Director Joseph Jennaro expresses appreciation

Photographs Courtesy of our Member Jim Gregory